Read what Digiscope Diary had to say about our new Ostara ED model :  CLICK HERE : 
Read what Digiscope Diary had to say about the new Olivon T84Edo  :  click here :
Read what Birdwatching had to say about the new Visionary FieldTracker Click here to dowload the full article
nformation about our new Visionary FirstView telescope is here
For brochures and information, please click here

From October 2012 we will be using our facebook page for the latest news feeds
please click here to go directly to our facebook news page
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Visionary Mira Ceti and Telesto are in short supply, to help you locate a dealer who may have stock, we have complied a special list here

Optical Hardware | earlier news | 2012

(News from October 2012 is now on our facebook news feed, please click here)

11th September 2012
New Flat Field Eyepieces 12mm and 27mm added to the Ostara astro eyepiece range
New design Achro Barlow lenses, 2x and 3x available in the Ostara astro accessory range
See our facebook news page.

31st August 2012

Red Dot Finder now available as an accessory for any of our telescopes.  
Complete with two bases ( dovetail and screw ) so it will fit any of our Visionary Ostara and Saxon scopes ( and most others too ) Guide retail price 24.99, more information here

24th July 2012

New Large base plate for Olivon UDCH-C
Now the UDCH-C becomes even more versatile. A new extra large base plate is available for larger bridge style cameras.
the plate is available as an accessory and fits all versions of the UDCH-C  click here for more information

8th June 2012
New Filters added to the Ostra astro accessory line up, Crystal skyview, O-111 and UHC
Check out more info on the accessories page ( click here )
or our astronomy page ( click here )

24th May 2012
New Visionary camera bracket S-2
This is a new addition to our range. Same design as our Bracket-S but with a wider collar to allow the S-2 to be fitted to telescope eyepieces of diameter up to about 2". This model is not replacing the Bracket-S, it is in addition to it.
More info, click here.

17th April 2012   
NEW downloadable version of our Product brochre and Binocular and telescope buyers guide
note this is a very large PDF file, if you don't want to download, most stockists will have printed copies within a week or two, or contact us and we'll post you a copy )
23rd April 2012  
The new Visionary product brochure has just been published, you'll be able to pick one up from your local stockist soon or email us with your name and address and we'll post one to you.

17th April 2012   
Over a year on from the top review in Sky at Night magazine, our Ostara Elinor 10x50 binocular remains highly sought after and we are still struggling to meet demand.The good news is we will complete another batch this week, enough complete all current back orders. If you already have an Elinor on order with your Stockist you should receive it within a few days.

27th March 2012
- We now have a facebook page, please take a look and if you like what you see " like " us

- New Olivon video showcasing the Olivon Universal digiscoping adapter and smartphone adapter 


28th February 2012
- New Super-HR zoom eyepiece from Olivon  
A new 8mm-24mm ( 20-60x on Olivon T84EDo ) Super-HR zoom is now available.
1.25mm astro fitting fits all modern astro scopes and also the T84EDo spotting scope
- Olivon T84Edo now available as body only and with new zoom  
The Olivon T84Edo now available as body only and is available with the new S-HR zoom
( T84Edo with standard 20-60x zoom also continues )
For more info, click here to go to the Olivon scope page

10th January 2012

We are now making moon filters in 2" eyepiece fitting, Some of our specialist Stockists will have stock available this week.

5th December 2011

Saxon astronomical teslescopes now available from our main Stockists, models include Saxon 4 ( 1000/114 ) Saxon-6 ( 750/150 )
Saxon-8 ( 1200/200 ) an Saxon -10 ( 1200/254 ) click here details or click here for an overview of our telescope range

New ZOOM monocular added to the Visionary M-series 10-30x50 zoom with twist eyecup. First stocks will be avialble through Stockists from next week click here for details

14th October 2011   - New Olivon digital camera holder UDCH/C Now fits more scopes
Originally luanched in April for the Olivon T84EDo, the UDCH-C is now available for other scopes
This digiscope bracket for compact cameras with integral cable release ( cable release can be detached if not required ) works with most compact digital cameras. Three versions are available :-
 * /84 includes the correct over lens tube included for the Olivon T84Edo
 * /90 includes the correct over lens tube included for the Olivon T64/80/90/80ED/90ED

 * /G does not include a tube, it can be used with the overlens tubes for some other scopes eg Visionary securing rings for V50,60,70,80,90,100 series and can also couple directly to some wide eyepice scopes

More info about the UDCH-C  , click here  

6th September 2011 - New Saxon series astroscopes now in stock Full details here

19th August 2011 - New Olivon Smartphone adaptor
Quick coupling of a smartphone to a tripod or digital camera adaptor
more info on the olivon page, or check this
video clip

28th June 2011   -  New products July 2011

The new Visionary TELESTO 1000/114 and updated MIRA CETI 1400/150 astroscopes are being shipped to some stockists from this week and you should see availability from early July.
- The new Ostara SWA 10mm eyepice (1.25") with TWIST EYECUP is now in stock

- New Ostara 2" eyepices  SWA 26mm and 38mm are now in stock complimenting the 32mm
- The new erecting eyepice, 20mm
For information about the VisionaryTelesto and Mira Ceti  telescopes - Click here
or goi to our astronomy page

New Wetland 32mm    
New WETLAND models 8x32 10x32 and 12x32 will be launched and available from Stockists mid July   

New Body shape 8x30U and 10x30U
- We have made a cosmetic change to the U-series 8x30 and 10x30 models ( 8x22 ultra compact remains unchanged )
first stocks of the new model should be available from stockists early July

New 8-25x25 monocular 
A new zoom monocular in the Visionary line up, 8-25x25 with close focus and microscope attachement will be avilable mid July.

19th May  2011   -  New Ostara 2" 45degree roof prism now available  Click here for information about our astronomy accessories


4th May  2011   -  Visionary FieldTracker EmeralD reviewed in Birdwatching magazine. Click here to dowload the full article
( reprinted with the kind permission of Birdwatching magazine, it's a large file so may take a little while to upload ) 
Visionary FieldTracker are likely to be in short supply for the next 2 - 3 months, demand is very high and we can't make them fast enough to keep up. We are fulfilling our dealers' orders as quickly as possible

14th April 2011   - New Olivon digital camera holder UDCH/C  More info, click here

25th February 2011

New Visionary FieldTracker GRAPHITE and FieldTracker EmeralD will be available from selected stockists next week
The long awaited FieldTracker Series of Open Bridge binoculars will be released to Stockists next week. Availability will be limited for some time, so please reserve your Fieldtracker with your local Stockist as soon as possible. More info here

New OSTARA FF eyepieces.   
Superb quality FLAT FIELD 8mm and 19mm eyepieces have been added to the Ostara astro eyepieces and accessory line-up. More info click here

ELINOR 10x50 still in great demand
After the Sky at Night review last year, ELINOR binoculars, epecially the 10x50, remain in short supply. Next week we are releasing another batch of 10x50's to our stockists and if you have had one of these on order with your local Stockist for some time you should receive your binocular within a few days. We cannot complete all orders from this batch as demand is still exceeding our ability to produce, and orders placed recently will not be completed until May or June. We hope to have Elinors back in full supply and availability by July

28th January 2011
First stocks of the new Visionary 20x80 HD-T will be available from next week 
The 20x80 HD-T incorporates a triplet objective system for enhanced clarity and definition. This new addition to the Visionary HD range will be availble from some of our Stockists from early February. This model is ideal for astronomy. Retail price will be around 300.
Note - the existing Visionary HD 20x80 is not being withdrawn, this will continue alongside the new HD-T version.

First stocks of the new Photo lens adaptor ( DCA84-o ) will be with some of our specialist Stockists over the next few days.
This adaptor attaches easily to the Olivon T84Edo and allows any SLR camera to be attached quickly via a T2 mount. This adptor has internal optics ensuring good image quality and precise alignment. Guide retail price around 190.00

Following the review in Sky at Night magazine we have seen an unprecidented increase in demand for Ostara ELINOR binoculars.
Our current stocks of 10x50's are exhausted and other ELINOR models ( 8x45, 7x50, 12x50 ) are running out quickly.
We are making more as quickly as we can but all Elinor models may be in quite short supply until  Spring 2011 
Normally we are able to supply our Stockists with our products quickly on demand however with low stocks there will be delays in obtaining Elinors. We have just completed another batch of Elinors which were shipped to shipped  to many of our stockists last week, however with such high demand we cannot be sure which of our Stockists have stocks remaining, if you need one urgently you may have to phone around a number of our Stockists to check stock levels.
You can find our Stockists by clicking here    
Click here to view the full report, Sky at Night October 2010

13th October 2010 - New ED Eyepices from Olivon
3 brand new eyepices from OLIVON. 5mm, 12mm and 18mm standard astro 1.25" ( 31.7mm) fitting.
Wide angle (60 degrees) twist eyecup and ED glass. These are supeb products.
Note also that the Olivon T84EDo spotting scope accepts any standard 1.25" eyepice, these new ED eyepieces give 96x, 40x and 27x magnification when used on the (f=480mm) Olivon T84EDo
these eyepieces will be availble from some of our stockists from next week.
For more information :  click here for Olivon accessories   or click here for information about our full range of eyepices
or click here to go to our astronomy page

4th October 2010 - Hot news from Photokina by Rob wilton from Digiscope diary

22nd September 2010 - Ostara Elinor 10x50 wins Group test in BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Click here to view the full report, Sky at Night October 2010

8th August 2010
A new DCA, the 84DCA is available to connect SLR cameras to the Olivon T84EDo  More info here  
Also see questions about digiscoping, ( refer to Q23 )

Beginners guide to digiscoping - an easy to watch video is now available at

8th July 2010    
Just landed - the new 88.5mm UV filter for the Olivon T84EDo. This screws directlyion to the front of the Olivon T84Edo telescope and, like a UV filter on a camera, offers ongoing protection to the objective lens - it's much cheaper to replace a damaged filter than an objective lens . It filters UV and has drop-off coating. Available from main stockists from next week. More info here    

25th June 2010
Our new EXTENDING astro camera adptor is now available. Click here for more details or click here to go to our astro accessory section
or click here to go to our ASTRONOMY page

28th May 2010
New OLIVON 7x30WP and 7x50WPpro available from some Stockists from early June.  Cick here for more details
New Olivon 8-24mm zoom eyepiece  click here for more details


5th May 2010      NEW HD TPA tripod adaptor is now available  click here for more details

22nd February 2010  NEW PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE            
Visionary Freebird,
High resolution DCF 8x42 and 10x42 with naturephase(TM) coating
Visionary V-1,
Top of the range traditional design 8.5x42
Visionary StormForce now available in YELLOW finish
Ostara 25x1000 CF
3.8mm, 7.5mm and 12.5mm added to our ED eyepice range
Hard eyepiece case
10th February 2010 - Limited stocks of the new OLIVON T84EDo have just landed in the UK   
Superb performance, magnesium body, Edo glass, drop-off coating. Easy adapt to digiscope and videoscope
Stocks will be very limited for some time but some of our main stockists will have initial stocks this week, first come first served !
For more information Click here for an info sheet in pdf or here to go Olivon telescope pages
For a review by digiscope diary click here:

20th January 2010 - New Visionary NEOMA waterproof binoculars   
Multicoated, BaK4, long eye relief, twist eyecups, waterproof.
8x42, 10x50, 12x60, 15x70
click here for more information

 .......  Check out the new video digiscoping pages on Digiscope diary - click here

8th December 2009 - New high resolution Astro finderscope from OSTARA, click here for more info
For more information about astronomy products click here

3rd December 2009 - AC4 compact binoculars. New body finish on our popular aspheric compact model.
Optics and engineering remains the same, prices unchanged.

26th November 2009             
NEW OSTARA ASTRO ED / APO models available from some of our stockists from December. More info, click here
For more information about astronomy products click here

15th November 2009  

Night Scenes 2010 is now available from some of our Stockists. This great little publication, written by Paul Money, lets you know month by month what's to be seen in the night sky.  For more information about astronomy products click here

6th November 2009                     

A new range of hand hed magnifying glasses introduced into the Visionary range, click here for more info
and a NEW traditional style zoom binocular the HG 8-20x50 from Olivon click here for more info ( limited availability, available only from a small number of our stockists initially )

16th October 2009  Visionary PF 7x50 now available in all black as well as existing yellow/black model

4th October 2009                                   

TWO NEW observation binoculars. The IF 25x100 and BM45n which features full compatibility with astro 1.25" eyepieces
Click here for more information or click here to go to our Optical Hardware Ostara Observation binocular pages.

7th September 2009         

Visionary 10x25 compact camoflage body binocular and monoculars are now available with a choice of ruby or standard lens coatings.
Stocks will be available in some stockists and ViP dealers within the next few days

25th August 2009  Take a look at the review from DigiscopeDiary covering the new Olivon T64 telescope.
Click here for a report from digiscope diary

7th August 2009              
New suction pod added to the range. Click here for more information about tripods, brackets and supports

31st July 2009
3 brand new products available today and being distributed to our dealers now
New Visionary Classic 16x50 brings the Classic range to 8x40, 7x50, 10x50, 12x50, 16x50 and 20x80. click hre for more info
New Ultra Mini fold flat pod and a 
New ball and socket head with an integral mounting bracket, useful for mounting lightweight scopes to a table or wall. can also be used with lightweight video and security equipment etc.  Click here for more information about tripods, brackets and supports

22nd July 2009   

The New Visionary Camera Bracket - M.   
Filling the gap in our range of digiscoping accessories, the new Camera bracket-M allows small to medium sized digital camera to be attached to a range of our telescopes.  information about Visionary scopes/brackets click here  
information on Visionary adaptors and convertors click here  

It's no secret that we have a huge program to release a large number of new optics this coming Autumn and into spring of 2010, keep watching this newspage for the latest releases. Word is Spreading and two products in particular are generating a great deal of interest :
  The new OLIVON T84ED scope is something very special and is planned for launch in the UK early 2010, some initial details can be found on the Olivon website
  Our new OSTARA ED binoculars are probably the exciting product we have ever introduced, using a twin ED element optic arrangement (Apochromatic) we are setting new standards. We hope have first stocks available through a limited number of our stockists and Vip dealers before Christmas with general availability in 2010. A small number of preproduction models are doing the rounds for test and review.
Read what Digiscope Diary said about this new Ostara model here  

16th July 2009   

The New OLIVON T64 telescope has arrived.
Fully waterproof, Stay-On case included, and like its bigger brothers the T80 and T90, the tripod foot couples directly to any Olivon Tripoid or Hide clamp head ( also compatible with all other types of tripod ) and The T64 accepts T80/T90 series of camera adaptors ( DCA and UDCA ) Guide retail price of the T64 is 199.99 and first stocks will be with some of our stockists next week. Click here for more details

6th July 2009   

Looking for the size or weight of one of products, new tech spec tables now uploaded: 
Click here  

27th May 2009   

Head in the stars ? - New Astronomy section of our website is launched:  

12th May 2009

NEW Olivon wooden Tripod available in limited quantities from some of our dealers from today

     More info click here        

29th April 2009

NEW Visionary products available from some Stockists from next next week
Visionary Viewpac tripod carrier - click here for more information        Visionary V100 spotting scope - Click here for info


12th March 2009


       New TR150 TRIPOD

Now available from some of our stockists - The new Olivon PODTRECK is a backpack designed to hold a tripod ( with telescope attached ) and a load of accessories. The Podtreck allows you to quickly set up the tripod and scope for observation leaving the pack still attached to the tripod. click here for more information
                or click here for a pdf download ( note this is a large file and may take some time to load )

The New TR150 tripod and TRH10 head will be arriving at stockists early April. Click here for more information

Visionary 6" and 8" relectors now available from more stockists

When we launched the Visionary 150 and 203 scopes a few months ago stocks were quite limited. We're in full production now and all of our Stockists should be able to supply you. Also new for astronomers is the Olivon eyepice set in waist bag.

   Click here for more information   Click here for more information


More adaptors and convertors than ever !

Our range of rings, adaptors and convertors is still increasing, and most stockists can now supply the unique T/52 convertor which allows T2 type accessories like camera adaptors to be coupled to filter thread

   Click here for more information


6th February 2009

NEW Visionary PF 7x50 focus-free binoculars are waterproof and feature a tough, waterproof body. Body colour is yellow for easy location in adverse conditions - Ideal for marine and heavy users. click here for more information

16th January 2009

NEW Visionary Idonea compact binoculars and NEW Visionary LX series binoculars introduced, these exciting new models will be availble from some of our stockists within a few days. click here for more information

Prices :

We are reviewing all of our suggested selling prices in view of the falling sterling and guide prices shown this site will be updated gradually over the next month. Please note our prices are for guidance only and the actual price you could pay may vary from outlet to outlet.

10th December 2008

The falling against the US$ and Euro means many of our prices must increase.
We are already passing on price increases to our dealers and stockists so please expect to see prices of our products rise over the next few w

1st December 2008

NEW coverter allows Visionary and illusion camera adaptors ( and most other T2 accessories )to be used with a camera filter thread, click here for more information

9th October 2008

NEW 12x42 model added to the Visionary wetland range, click here for more information

21st August 2008

Visionary HD 20x80 observation binocular highly commended by BBC Sky at Night

BBC Sky at Night Magazine, September 2008, reviewed the Visionary 20x80HD giving it 94% value for money and an overall rating of 89%
For more information about Visionary HD, click here


11th August 2008

OLIVON MC-105 Reviewd in BBC Sky at Night Magazine

BBC Sky at Night Magazine reviewd the Olivon MC-105 this month, giving it 95% for optics and an overall rating of 89%, quoting
" Overall, the MC-105 is ideal if you love looking at planets, but still has enough power to reveal some of the wonders of deep space"

Click here to read the full review of the MC-105 by BBC Sky at night magazine

A compact and lightweight scope which is both suitable for astronomy and general spotting. 105mm Maksutov-cassegrain design, 1365mm focal length. Twin switchable eyepices ( top, inverted image for astronomy ) rear 45 prism for regular viewing. Uses all standard Optical Hardware eyepieces, accessories and camera adaptors Standard tripod mounting. Very compact and lightweight, easy to set up and use.

The MC-105 can be bought as a tube only or as an outfit complete with plossl eyepieces and a tripod

Supplies of this product are extremely limited at this time and demand following this review is high. Some of our Stockists, ViP Dealers and Product Specialists have stocks, but you'll need to shop around to find one.


14th July 2008

NEW OLIVON 7x50 DL waterproof binocular with compass. Fully waterproof, nitrogen filled, multicoated and Bak4, with in-view compass, illuminator and distance calculator. Click here for more information,


4th July 2008

New A90 telescope from VisionaryUpgraded Optics, 30-90x zoom, waterproof, includes stay-on case  Click here for information

26th June 2008

The new OLIVON compact waterproof binocular is now available, click here for details.

25th June 2008

The new Comfort strap from Visionary fits all Visionary traditional and all larger Visionary DCF. Click here for more accessories

23rd June 2008

New Elinor T+ series launched, click here for more information

28th May 2008

The new Visionary tripod range is here - click here for more information. 

22nd April 2008

An endorsement from Sandown lifeboat, click here.
Digiscopediary have published a guide to digiscoping the night sky, click here
.... and we've added a detailed technical guide to matters optical, click here

20th March 2008

Coming soon - The new OSTARA F-7 ED astro refractors. click here for details

1st March 2008


A compact and lightweight scope which is both suitable for astronomy and general spotting. 105mm Maksutov-cassegrain design, focal length. Twin switcahble eyepices ( top, inverted image for astronomy ) rear 45 prism for regular viewing. Uses all standard Optical Hardware eyepieces, accessories and camera adaptors Standard tripod mounting. Very compact and lightweight, easy to set up and use.

This product is brand new and  availability is very limited at this time.
Available stocks are being shipped to a small number of specialist dealers this month.
General availability expected by early summer

15th January 2008

New Visionary AC4 series available from next week. This is a very high quality DCF compact featuring multicoating and aspheric lenses. Models available 8x25, 10x25 and 12x25. For more information, click here

New Olivon MS-PRO series 7x50 and 10x50 will be available from specialist stockists later this month. The MS-PRO features full waterproofing, shock resistant bodies and ability to withstand extreems of temperature. For more information, click here

Another specialist, limited production,model, is the Visionary IF 7x50 WPC. This model is designed for the marine user and features full waterproofing and a good quality damped compass. Limited stocks are available from some of our specialist dealers from this week.
Click here for more information

14th January 2008

New WX series compact have now arrived. Slotting neatly into the Visionary range between the WP series and the Wetlands, the WX offers a good quality compact binocular with fully waterproof body at a great price. Also available now is the WDX 6x18 - a brand new ultra compact waterproof with fast central focussing. For more information, click here

We are a manufacturer and trade supplier, to purchase one of our products, please contact your local stockist. Please note that our retail prices shown are for guidance only, as all of our delaerships are independent there will be differences in the actual retail prices charged.

IIf you would like us to email you occasionally with information about our products, please click the keep me posted link


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