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15th December | Visonary 6x18 Micro waterproof

The new fully waterproof compact binocular from Visionary features 6x magnification and 18mm ruby coated anti-UV objective lenses. Case and a floatation strap are included. Guide retail price around £30

15th October | Visonary STORMQUEST is now available

The new fully waterproof STORMQUEST series is now available. Visionary Stormquest features a fully waterproof body, with strong shock resistant design. long eye relief, BAK4 prism and fully multicoated optics. All lenses are multicoated to give enhanced light transmission and superb colour.

Stormquest isavailable in 7x50, 10x50, 12x50 and with a newly designed Optical Hardware eyepiece construction, 8.5x50

12th October | Visonary launch new B4 series

New in the Visionary line-up is the B4 series featuring BAK4 prisms and multicoating.
Models include 7x35, 8x40, 10x50, 12x50, 16x50, 20x50 and 8-20x50 zoom

19th September | lots of  NEW products on offer

NEW telescopes added to the Visionary range - The Visionary-60 and Visionary-70

The Visionary-60 features a 15-45x zoom eyepiece with a 60mm multicoated objective lens. The Visionary-70 offers 20-60x zoom and a 70mm objective. Both models include case and table tripod.

NEW 55mm Olivon scope. The T-55 offers 18-54x magnification with a 55mm lens, pack includes case and table tripod

NEW Illusion 12-36x50 ultra compact spotting scope - this is available in 2 versions - straight and with 45 degree.

NEW Illusion 70mm CAT scope

NEW Visionary EX compacts 8x21 and 10x25

The Visionary CX series is now available with standard MC lens or Ruby anti-UV

NEW I-spex vison glasses

9th August 2006 | The New Optical Hardware Chest and shoulder pod is now available

This ingenious device has a rotating brace plate allowing it to be used as a shoulder pod or as a chest support. the length is fully adjustable to fit most binoculars and scopes. It is supplied complete with strap and a quick release head. Retail price is around £30 and will be available via most Optical hardware stockists soon.

We have received numerous calls about availability of our new Prophecy series of DCF binoculars

We are pleased to report that the first stocks of these are being shipped out to some of our dealers now.

There is however still a considerable waiting list and at the moment we do not expect to be able to fulfil all orders until December or Januray at the earliest. If you have ordered a Prophecy from your dealer, please be patient. We will clear orders as quickly as we can.

14th July 2006 | 6 new medium-compacts in the Visionary range

The TX series 8x30, 10x30 and 12x30 off er great quality optics and quality construction in a low price unit
The U series offer highest optical performance using BAK4 prisms, full multicoating and long eye reflief. Models include 8x22, 8x30 and 10x30.
All Visonary binoculars are supplied with strap, case and 10 year guarantee.

12th July 2006 | Our Stockist list has been updated with many new dealers

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8th June 2006 | Using an Ollivon or Illusion scope with a 35mm SLR?

There's lot's of information about using scopes with digital cameras but we've had numerous enquiries recently about using scopes with film cameras. With so little information on web, we've written a guide ...

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9th May 2006 | 4 new compact binoculars introduced to the Illusion range.

The LE series DCF's available in 8x22 and 10x25 feature high quality optics and long eye relief, and the GX series of porro compacts are BAK4 with multicoated lenses, available in 8x25 and 10x25

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We have also added an all black body version of our Illusion 7x50 full waterproof  - click here.

8th May 2006 | 3 Focus Free models introduced into the Visionary line-up

8x40 FF2, 7x50 FF2 and 10x50 FF2

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24th April 2006 | Brand new in the Visonary line-up is our HD series.

These binoculars feature BAK4 prisms, multicoating and long eye relief, high quality binoculars at a bargain price.
The range includes  8x42, 7x50, 10x50, 12x60 15x70 and 20x80. In Price and quality, this range sits above our existing Visionary classics.

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21st April 2006 | 7x50 and 10x50 models added to the Elinor range

The launch of our Elinor 8x45 earlier this year was a fantastic success, we are now pleased to introduce two additional models to this series - the 7x50 for low light and night sky and a 10x50 for general purpose. All Elinor models feature high resolution optics, long eye relief, full multicoating, wide view field, fully waterproof, nitrogen filled and with the OH 30 year guarantee.

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24th March 2006 | New ultra compact hand held magnifying loupe launched in the Visionary range.

The 10x17 loupe has 10x magnificattion and features a metal body, optical glass and is supplied with a pouch case. Guide retail price is around £7.00

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22nd March 2006 | Olivon T80 spotting scope now available in an outfit complete with tripod

A great ready-for-the-hide package for any serious birdwatcher

14th March 2006 | Visionary compact binoculars are now available

We have 5 models, 3 DCF's and 2 compact porro prism

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3rd March 2006 | The new Olivon telescopes are now available.

The range includes 80mm and 90mm standard and ED models.

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New Visionary models DCF 8x21 10x25 and 12x25 will be available later this month, this series will be called the Visonary DX and feature a modern design rubber mold and high quality optics

We are also pleased to announce a new compact series - Visionary CX 8x21 and 10x25, available in the UK early April.
Other new model plans include a high resolution Visonary series, and focus free due in May.

13th Feb 2006 | NEW Visionary models to be introduced next month

DCF 8x21 10x25 and 12x25

10th February 2006 | NEW BC 22x100 available NOW

New lower cost observation binocular now available. The BC 22x100 is very similar to our BCF 22x100, but without the flip-in filter system reducing the guide retail to under£ 400 ! The full BCF version continues and both versions are available as part of the BC / BCF product specialist scheme.  Click here for more information

10th January 2006 | Optical Hardware - on the up and up!

We are enjoying exceptional demand for our range of binoculars, telescopes, tripods and accessories and even though we've been trading for only 6 months this has necessitated that we more than double warehouse capacity to ensure a continuous supply line for our existing and rapidly expanding customer base.

We'll be moving at the end of January - There is NO CHANGE to our office address, telephone and fax contact numbers etc, but moving the warehouse means that we will need to close for business for 5 days from Monday 30th January  - Friday 3rd Feb. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

Yellow and Blue waterproof now in stock

Illusion 7x50 waterproof is now available in both Yellow and Blue body coulours and we will start shipping out to our dealers from next week.

For more information about 7x50 waterproof click here

12th December 2005 | Hide-Lite  -The Ultimate birdwating combination.

Hide-Lite is a high resolution waterproof telescope combined with a lightweight tripod. The Hide-Lite scope is incredible. Even if you already have an expensive birdwatching scope this ultra lightweight combination is a must for carrying with you always. You will be amazed at the quality of the optics , it's fully waterproof, multicated, rubber armoured and has a zoom eyepiece supplied as standard.

For more information about HIDE-LITE click here

1st December 2005 | We're pleased to announce the lauch of Elinor

Designed for birdwatching and nature, Elinor has it all. 45mm objective lenses for an ultra bright image, full multicoating, the best optic design, long eye relief,  fully waterproof and nitrogen filled and like all Optical Hardware branded products, a 30 year guarantee.

For more information about Elinor, click here

November 2005 | Visionary - See the future

The new low cost range of binoculars. Great quality, modern design and amazing value for money

For more information about Visionary, click here

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