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19th December 2007

First stocks of the new Olivon heavy duty hide clamp system have arrived in the UK : Click here for details.

Lots more new models coming early in 2008 including the new medium priced WX and WDX DCF compact binoculars, the High quality Aspheric lens AC4 series, a special production waterproof marine, MS series Olivon and a new range of stay-on cases for the Visionary series of telescopes. Watch this space.

A very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year from all of us at Optical Hardware


8th November 2007

ZMX 7-21x25 - the super-close focussing monocular. An incredible new product from Visionary Click here for details

20th September 2007

New Visionary UF 7x17 compact binocular will be available from most stockists by early October. Click here for details

17th September 2007

Keeping your camera still while you are digiscoping with a powerful telescope is always a problem. A cable release helps, but most modern compact digital cameras don't accept a cable release. We have the solution. These new Olivon cable releases with digital camera holder are available with either a 22cm, 26cm or 30cm wrap around holder to fit just about any camera. Click here for details

1st September 2007

New Visionary M-10 and M-12 monoculars now available, click here for more information

New Inara DCF binoculars now available, click here for more information

A new Visionary brochure is available, if you would like a free copy, email us

23rd August 2007

A new range of digiscope camera adaptors is now available for our Visionary scopes click here for full details


6th August 2007

The TM micro monocular is now available. This ultra compact and leightweigh instrument features 8x magnification. It is supplied complete with attachment to convert it into a 25x microscope

For information about Visionary monoculars, click here

11th may 2007

The Olivon U-DCA ( universal digital camera adaptor ) is in great demand !
Following recent reviews in the birdwatching press it seems almost everyone is trying to get hold of one of these. Supplies are short but we are catching up with deliveries to our dealers as quickly as we can.

Don't forget - if your camera is an SLR ( digital or film ) then you don't need the U-DCA - you should buy the standard digital camera adaptor instead ( DCA ) Olivon DCA's and U-DCA's fit all Olivon T80 / T90 series scopes

For information about Olivon Digiscope adaptors, click here


9th May 2007

So many new things to tell you about !

Let's start with this website which has now been fully updated and revised and contains information and images about all 4 of our product ranges - Optical Hardware, Illusion, Visionary and Olivon.

New products introduced recently :

Visionary WETLAND 8x25, 10x25, 8x42, 10x42
Visionary 80ED spotting scope, Visionary Airman-60 scope, Visionary Tele-90 scope
Visionary CX-mini zoom 6-18x18
Illusion Telemark-70 monocular

You'll find details of all of these products on the web pages

15th April 2007
New Olivon QB and FZ series binoculars inroduced
First stocks of the incredible new Olivon UDA are now available from selected dealers although these will be in short supply for some time


22nd March 2007
2 new heads introduced into the Olivon tripod range. The TRH 16 is a heavy duty head and the TRH14 is grip action ball head. Both are compatible with all Olivon tripods.


21st March 2007
The visionary scope range is increased to 7 models

27th February 2007
New Visonary 8x22 and 10x25 waterproof models now availalable

26th February 2007
Visionary Special Products
A compact zoom telescope with a rotating eyepiece turret allows the scope to be used straight or 45 degree angled. Straight scopes are great for sports and aircraft spotting, angled are better for birdwatching and surveillance. This scope does both ! As this is a special production item stocks are limited and initially will only be available from product specialists and selected VIP dealers and stockists.

9th January 2007

NEW Optical Hardware HIDELITE compact spotting scope available now

5th January 2007

Optical hardware announce a new range of stay-on cases for telescopes. These superb water resistant cases are designed for the Illusion series of telescopes - 50mm / 60mm / 77mm / 100mm objectives, however they will fit around most telescopes of similar size.

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