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Elinor Waterproof HR binocular

NEW ELINOR T+ with TWIST eyecups

Designed for birdwatching/nature viewing, the Elinor range has it all. BAK 4 prisms, 7, 8,10 or 12 x magnification with ultra wide field of view. Provides a high resolution, comfortable and incredibly stable image.


Other features include large eyepiece lenses for very comfortable, long eye releif viewing. Twist eyecups allow use with glasses on or off.

The body has tough rubber armour and is waterproof.

All surfaces are fully multicoated further enhancing brightness and clarity. Optical Hardware's broad lightband transmission ensures incredibily accurate colour rendition.

30 year guarantee. Case and strap included.

For astronomy and low light we would normally recommend a 7x50 model as this, in theory, delivers maximum light to the eye. Most human observers eyes however are not perfect and in practice an 8x40 or 10x50 model can deliver as much light for many users - 8x40's are a little lighter and 10x50's a little more powerful than 7x50's and hence our 10x50 Elinor model is incredibly popular for astronomy.
For a full technical discussion please click here

Please note : The Elinor 8x45 uses an internal optical construction which reduces the effective objective diameter to around 41mm, the output pupil therefore is around 5mm, offering similar low light pefrormance to an 8x40 or 10x50, still very bright and usable in low light

Elinor 8x45 RRP 179.99
Elinor 7x50 RRP 189.99
Elinor 10x50

RRP 199.99

Elinor 12x50

RRP 209.99


Click here to view the full report, Sky at Night October 2010

All prices shown are our guide retail, these will vary from dealer to dealer. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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