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OSTARA Binoculars, Telescopes and Accessories

Specialist binoculars, telescopes and optical equipment for professional users. Retail prices from around 200 to over 2000
Binoculars and telescopes are UK finished and/or tested
and have a 30 year guarantee.

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Ostara instruments from Optical Hardware  are manufactured using top quality materials to produce lenses that will not deform or wear out, maintaining their protective and visual qualities over time. Optical Hardware production processes minimise the lens thickness, ensuring an ultra light lens, without compromising optical quality. State of the art optical design and the use of high grade optical materials ensure superior light transmission, excellent contrast, colour and sharp resolution of images.

We are continually developing new products and processes enabling us to offer leading edge quality and design. Our models are not rushed into production, we firmly believe that development and testing time are essential to ensure we introduce a product that meets and exceeds your requirements and expectations. We work closely with our component suppliers to ensure quality and reliability is inbuilt.

The range of products offered under the Ostara brand will increase slowly and in a controlled manner, ensuring that products launched carrying the prestigious Ostara brand name meet the strict criteria we have laid down.

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Ostara Observation Binoculars

Ostara Traditional Binoculars

Ostara DCF (compact) Binoculars


Ostara Telescopes

Ostara Astroscopes and Accessories


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