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At Optical Hardware, we take your privacy very seriously. We are a small company only involved in manufacturing and distributing optical goods, we do not store any personal or business information other than for the purpose you gave it to us, that is to say we do not sell or pass on any data. 

Our website is here only for you to find out more about us and our product.

Our website may use essential cookies in its operation including the commercially available tracker on our home page which we use this only to see geographical trends in our readership with a view to making the site more usable and some player content which enhances the experience of this site. We do not use this data for other purposes.

You can turn off cookies within your browser by going to 'Tools | Internet Options | Privacy' (in Internet Explorer) and selecting to block cookies. If you turn off cookies, you will be unable to benefit from the other features used.

We are aware of the new legislation regarding cookies and other aspects of site operation and we are working to ensure that we maintain compliance. We are conducting a review of our site operation and constantly looking to make improvements.


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