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Repairs and Servicing INTRODUCTION

The first port of call if your optical instrument requires service or repair should be with the dealer who supplied you with the product. We at Optical Hardware do not supply directly to consumers, we ask you to work through our dealers wherever possible. If your instrument has developed a fault which is covered under guarantee then you should always contact the dealer who supplied the product. As well as your statutory rights as a consumer, all good sellers will work hard to ensure that your problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. If the product can be repaired quickly then your dealer should be able complete this. If a quick repair is not possible they will usually be able to exchange the product for the same or an equivellent model  If you cannot contact your dealer please click here

If your instrument is outside the guarantee period, or has a fault which isn't covered under guarantee or maybe you bought second-hand without guarantee, or just requires a service or a clean, then your dealer should still be able to help. If possible you should contact the dealer who originally supplied the product. Your dealer may accept chargeable service and repair work for our instruments or will be able to ship them to our workshop where necessary.
If you cannot contact the original dealer or you don't know who this was, you could contact any other stockist of our product. Most will be happy to accept chargeable service and repair work and have a system in place to refer products to our workshop or an independent repairer where necessary. If you cannot find a Stockist to help, please give us a call and we can suggest a suitable repairer, or arrnge for the work to be completed in our workshop.

Click here for a quick guide to what is and what isn't usually covered under guarantee

Click here for a list our stockists

or if you cannot locate a stockist, please click here.

We provide an excellent back-up service for our dealer network so you can rest assured that any issues will be resolved quickly.

If the instument is covered under an extended period guarantee which offers a number of years cover of parts and labour and a further period of parts only, then any chargeable work would be reduced in cost to reflect the chargeable part only.

You should always present all the original documentation including recepts and copies of the guarantee
when you present an instrument for service or rep[air with the product.





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