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                 Visionary VIEWPAC

ultra compact fold flat pod

Our tripods are suitable for binoculars and telescopes.  They can also be used with many cameras and video cameras

Click here for more information
and Visionary tripod specification

Visionary tripod brochure, click here

Specification of the T-830 ( not on the above link )
* 2-way fluid effect head, with handle and QRP
* Bubble level
* Elevator crank, lock and friction control
* 3 section aluminium closed channel legs
* 33mm leg
* non slip feet
* Weight 1650g
* Retracted length 65cm,
* max height 166cm

Also see olivon pages for more tripods

Tripod adaptor TPA alows  binoculars  to attach to a tripod via the front thread.
TPA-S is a slimline version for DCF type binoculars  such as  Wetland or Prophecy.
( We have two versions of the TPA-S, the Optical Hardwrae branded version is all black, and a Visionary branded version is silver-grey)

Ultra compact fold flat pod RRP 3.49
Table tripod TT5 RRP 7.99
Table tripod TT3 RRP 16.99
Visionary Monopod M3 RRP 19.99
Visionary Monopod M5 RRP 29.99
Visionary Tripod VT6 RRP 19.99
Visionary Tripod VT30 RRP 29.99
Visionary Tripod VT50 RRP 39.99
Visionary Tripod VT70 RRP 49.99
Visionary Lander T-830 RRP 69.99
Spare release plate VT6/M5 RRP 10.99
Spare release plate VT30/50/70 RRP 11.99
Spare release plate T-830 RRP 15.99
Tripod adaptor TPA RRP 7.99
Tripod adaptor TPA-S RRP 9.99
Tripod adaptor TPA-HD RRP 14.99
Visionary Viewpac RRP 44.99
Clamps and supports

Click here for information about tripods clamps and supports

A range of versatile clamps and supports

Also see olivon pages for Hide clamps

Ball and socket head with suction base RRP 11.99
Ball and socket head with bracket base RRP 12.99
Table clamp RRP 11.99
Hand grip RRP 12.99
Heavy duty clamp RRP 24.99
Chest/shoulder support RRP 34.99

Digital camera adaptors

Visionary Camera Adaptor A series are for use with SLR cameras  (Film & Digital).

Visionary bracket L couples  most scopes to most models of camera.

Brackets  M and S are designed for compact cameras

Click here for more information about Visionary camera adaptors

Bracket-M instructions  click here

Click here for information about Olivon camera adaptors

Cliclick here for information about digiscoping

Camera adaptor - A1 ( for V60/70/80 )

RRP 22.99

Camera adaptor - A2 (  for V50/90 & i77 )

RRP 34.99

Camera adaptor - A3 ( for V100 & i100 )

RRP 39.99

Visionary bracket - S RRP 44.99
Visionary bracket - S2 RRP 49.99
Visionary bracket - M RRP 64.99
Visionary bracket - M ring 50 90 RRP 8.99
Visionary bracket - M ring 100 RRP 8.99
Visionary bracket - M2 RRP 69.99
Visionary bracket - L RRP 89.99


Compact hand magnifiers
For More information click here


Magnifier Mag-1 RRP 0.99
Magnifier Mag-2 RRP 1.49
Magnifier Mag-3 RRP 2.99
Magnifier Mag-4 RRP 3.99
Magnifier Mag-5 RRP 4.99
Magnifier Mag-M40 magnifier on a cord RRP 12.99
Magnifier loupe 10x17 RRP 8.99
Magnifier loupe 16x20 RRP 10.99
Linen magnifier L5 RRP 11.99
2.5x magnifying specs
I-Spex RRP 9.99

Visionary TM with 25x microscope attachment (see Visionary Monoculars section)

TM 8x20 RRP 22.99


We have a huge range of telescope eyepices
and telescope accessories.

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All prices shown are our guide retail, these will vary from dealer to dealer. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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