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Airman-60 scope

A high resolution straight spotting scope using roof prism design. This model is desgined for aircraft spotting however has many other uses in sport and recreation. Can be used handhed or on a tripod.

V50, V60, V70, V80 and V90
High resolution telescopes

The V60, V70 and V80 telescopes feature BAK4 prisms, BLACK rubber armour, full waterproofing and  fully coated lenses for a bright and natural colour image.
These models are available in both straight and angled design and come complete with case and table tripod.
The V50 (straight or angled) is available in green/black finish and  in grey/black. The V90A and V100A are available in grey/black finish.

The V80-ED telescope features ultra low dispersion glass for really superb image quality. The 80-ED includes a stay on case as standard, however a table tripod is not included with this model.

All models include a case, have rubber eyecups and come with a 10 year guarantee.

All models can be used with any standard tripod.

A range of digital camera adptors are available : click here for more details

For more information about digiscoping CLICK HERE

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Visionary TRIPODS

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Important information about observing
the sun and using sun filters CLICK HERE

A note about waterproofing :
Most of our spotting scopes and many binoculars are defined as "waterproof"
By this we mean that they will withstand a modest amount of water without damage and, by preventing water getting inside and sometimes filling with nitrogen too, it reduces internal condensation making the binocular quicker to use in cold and damp conditions.  
But water seals cannot last for ever, with constant use seals will break down and water can get inside. Note also on telescopes with removable/interchangeable eyepieces it is not possible to wateproo the eyepice section.
Astronomical telescopes are not at all waterproof - iThey don't need to be because if it's raining there is nothing to see  For more information see our frequently asked qestions  
FAQ or our servicing guide please click here

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Visionary Airman-60 telescope

Visionary Airman 15-45x60

RRP 189.99

Visionary High resolution telescopes waterproof

Visionary V50ST 12-36x50 (mk2_wp) straight green/black body   RRP 87.99
Visionary V50A 12-36x50 (mk2_wp) angle green/black body RRP 89.99
Visionary V50ST 12-36x50 (mk2_wp) straight grey/black body RRP 87.99
Visionary V50A 12-36x50 (mk2_wp) angle grey/black body RRP 89.99
Visionary V60ST 15-45x60 straight RRP 109.99
Visionary V60A 15-45x60 angled RRP 119.99
Visionary V70ST 20-60x70 straight RRP 149.99
Visionary V70A 20-60x70 angled RRP 159.99
Visionary V80ST 20-60x80 straight

RRP 169.99

Visionary V80A 20-60x80 angled

RRP 179.99

Standard case and table tripod included with all above


Visionary V90-A 30-90x90 angle

RRP 279.99

Stay-on case case included


Visionary V100-A 25-75x100 angle

RRP 349.99

Stay-on case included


Visionary V80ED 20-60x80 angle

RRP 479.99

Stay-on case included


Camera adaptor - A1 ( for V60/70/80 )

RRP 22.99

Camera adaptor - A2 (for V50/90 & i77)

RRP 34.99

Camera adaptor - A3 (for V100 & i100 )

RRP 39.99

Camera adaptor bracket - S
( fits around eyepices up to about 1" diameter )

RRP 44.99

Camera adaptor bracket S-2
( fits around eyepices up to about 2" diameter )

RRP 49.99

Camera adaptor - M

RRP 64.99

Camera adaptor - M ring 50-90

RRP 8.99

Camera adaptor - M ring 100

RRP 8.99

Bracket-M instructions  click here
Bracket-M info click here

Camera adaptor - L

RRP 89.99

more info abount camera adaptors click here  

more info about digiscoping Click here

All Visionary telescopes include case. A stay-on action case is available as an optional extra.  

Visionary Stay-on case 60ST

RRP 29.99

Visionary Stay-on case 60A

RRP 29.99

Visionary Stay-on case 70ST

RRP 33.99

Visionary Stay-on case 70A

RRP 33.99

Visionary Stay-on case 80ST

RRP 36.99

Visionary Stay-on case 80A

RRP 36.99

Visionary Standard case

RRP 14.99


Visionary Astro telescopes

Visionary FirstView 76/300mm outfit with table base finder and eyepices

RRP 49.99

Visionary Telesto 114 1000mm outfit with tripod/EQ1, finder and eyepices

RRP 179.99

VisionarySTARLA 80 refractor tyelescopes with tripod/AZ mount, finder and eyepieces

RRP 199.99

Visionary MiraCeti 150 1400mm outfit with tripod/EQ2 finder and eyepices

RRP 299.99

M-1 motor drive for EQ1

RRP 33.99

M-1 motor drive for EQ2

RRP 33.99

M-2 motor drive for EQ2
with hand controller

RRP 62.99


Saxon Series Astro telescopes

Saxon 4  1000/114 outfit with tripod EQ, finderscope, eyepieces

RRP 209.99

Saxon 6  P750/150 outfit with tripod EQ3-2 finderscope, eyepieces

RRP 429.99

Saxon 8  P1000/200 OTA only RRP 379.99
Saxon 8  P1000/200 outfit with tripod EQ5 finderscope, eyepieces RRP 579.99
Saxon 10  P1200/254 OTA only RRP 599.99

Saxon 10  P1200/254outfit with tripod HD5Q5, polarscope 
finderscope, eyepieces

RRP 899.99
Saxon 10  P1200/254 outfit with tripod MD5Q5 polarscope finderscope, eyepieces RRP 1099.99

Visionary Digiscope adaptors and brackets

Visionary adaptor A             Bracket-S

Visionary bracket-L  


All prices shown are our guide retail, these will vary from dealer to dealer. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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