We have a very low failure rate on our products however we know that occasionally a faulty unit will slip through.
If one of our products develops a fault due to a manufacturing defect within the guarantee period we will repair it or replace it promptly (if we are unable to replace with the same model we will supply an equivalent, if neither of these options are available we will credit the value for use on future orders).
We stand by our goods and aim to rectify any problems quickly and efficiently.

But to do this we need your help

Please check any returns from your customers before you return goods to us.
More than half of the returns we get from our dealers are not actually faulty at all and have been returned to the dealer because the consumer is unable to use the goods, they have changed their mind or there is a fault that has been caused by misuse of the product.

We do not supply goods to you on sale or return, or as samples, the only returns we can accept are genuine faults caused by a manufacturing defect.

We recognise that sometimes you will have to replace an item or refund money to a difficult customer where there is no fault. In such circumstances, the returned model can easily be sold by you at a discount as a demonstrator or used model, and still return an excellent profit. Where the customer has misused goods then you do not need to refund or replace, although sometimes to keep the peace you will, and that is a loss you just have to accept.

We request your co-operation in not returning products with very trivial blemishes which you could sell without a problem.

Where customers have returned genuinely faulty goods to you, or you have found faulty goods in-store (dead on arrival) then these should be returned to us.
Please do not ask your customers to return products directly to us, this is your responsibility as a dealer, you should exchange genuinely faulty products from your stock and then return the said item to us for exchange at a convenient time.

We would also appreciate your help in not returning single, low value, products individually. Please keep your returns until you have enough to ship back – This will help keep both yours and our administrative costs down and help us to maintain low trade prices to you.
We request that, if necessary, you ship a return parcel every 3 to 4 months, though we do appreciate that in the unlikely event that you have a return of one of our more expensive items or even if it is a low-value item, you don’t happen to have another in stock, then you may wish to return this immediately.  We request you return goods to us by the lowest cost method available to you.
If you are a UK based dealer we will cover your carriage costs, we do this usually by adding an extra item(s) to the replacements, dealers outside the UK have to meet the costs of international return shipping.
Please ensure you include a list of the returned items and don’t forget to include your dealer name and address,  we have occasionally received exacting details of faults, but no indication of where the returns have come from!  We aim to turn returns around within 3-4 days.

Our returns procedure has been developed to keep administration for our dealers and us to a minimum, and this works well. How many other suppliers require endless forms to be filled just to return a single low-value item? We offer a quick, no fuss exchange.
We just ask that you work with us –
Please don’t ask us to send replacement goods before you have returned the faulty item to us as this would require an admin trail and very soon we would have the complex returns system of many other suppliers!

  • Goods found to be faulty on arrival should be held by you for return as soon as practically and economically practical and possible. There is no need to advise us of individual items.
  • Goods returned by your customers should be checked to ensure the fault is genuine, if it is, satisfy your customer, the faulty product should be placed with the above, again there is no need to advise us of individual items.
  • Keep the faulty goods together until you have sufficient to warrant sending them back to us.
  • When you have sufficient to warrant a return parcel – package your returns and send them to us by the lowest cost method available to you.
    There is NO NEED to notify us in advance, just send the parcel.
  • Please enclose a note with the return parcel outlining the fault with each item and enclose your name and address.
  • On receipt of the returns, we will repair or replace each item and return to you within a few days.
  • We will add extra value goods to cover your return carriage costs